what are the most important questionS you Dare to Ask
about your own life?

Perhaps you feel too exhausted by the daily demands on your time to say.

Even so, you're here because you know there's a question that wants to be asked. Perhaps it's about how you're spending your time. How you're showing up as a leader, a parent, a partner, a daughter, or a friend. What you're striving for. Why you're striving. Why you're here.

Acknowledging that there is a question is your bravest, most powerful first step.

Coaching can be the second.

"A ship is safe in a harbor, but that is not what ships are built for."

john Shedd

clients include leaders from

"When I met Kathy, I was stalled in my career, unsure of what I wanted to do next, and burnt out. I had tried having conversations to expand my network, hoping to find something that sparked interest, but only ended up more confused. Kathy made me feel calm, which was unusual for me while dealing with burnout and constant overwhelm. She also made me feel that my challenges, while important, weren’t insurmountable.

Through our work together, I was able to see more clearly my own patterns, recognize and acknowledge the positive steps I take, and see that even small steps can make a real difference. She also helped me recognize the true impact that a recent toxic work environment had on me and my confidence, so I could take the appropriate steps to heal from it.

I always leave our calls feeling lighter and excited for what's next. Kathy helps you clarify and achieve goals in a way that is compassionate and totally customized to your needs—she meets you where you are."

— Prema G.

Coaching is not just about what you want to do and achieve. It's about how you want to show up in the world, who you want to be, and why. Many people go through most of their lives without daring to look these questions in the eye. It takes work and courage to challenge the answers we're already enacting. But I believe it's some of the most important, most beautiful, most creative, and bravest work that any of us can do. I suspect you're here because you're ready. 

the bravest work you can do

Ready to get started?

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"As a solo founder and father of two children under three, I was struggling with time management, worrying about my team's productivity, and general anxiety around decision-making. I was plagued by self-doubt that I was qualified for—or deserved—being a founder. With Kathy, I feel like I've made more progress with my self-confidence and issues around trust in a relatively short time than I have in years of consistent therapy.

Expect to walk away from every session with a much clearer idea of what's worth focusing on and what options are available for whatever you're struggling with. Growth will be more personal than you may expect."



How long does coaching last?

Individual sessions are typically 60 minutes long. We ideally meet for at least six months to start, and then we decide whether to continue. Some clients I first started working with in early 2020 continue to meet with me to this day.

How do we meet?

We meet over video via Zoom or by phone, depending on your preference. Some clients appreciate being able to see me, and to be seen in turn. Others take advantage of an audio-only call to take a respite from their screens. I encourage clients to experiment with both and see what feels most conducive to our work together. While video can offer many helpful cues and feel more personal, there is also research on the real drawbacks of "Zoom fatigue." Sometimes clients find they are able to access more insight and creativity without the distraction of video.

How often do we meet?

Frequency can vary, depending on what's going on in your life at the moment. For most clients, meeting every other week is a good starting point. Some longer-term clients go through phases, where they might want to meet weekly during a particularly challenging or tumultuous time, and then space sessions out to every three weeks or so when things feel more calm or when they want more time to reflect or experiment in between. I follow your lead, although it's helpful to meet at least once per month to maintain momentum. 

What is your coaching process?

There is no single, prescriptive formula or sequence. I tailor each coaching engagement—and each session—to the unique needs and style of each client.  But there is a general arc that begins with understanding where you think you are in the arc of your own life, what you really want, and why. We then take a closer look at what's getting in the way and start identifying and testing the specific set of changes, shifts, and actions that move you towards what you want. Before we close, we make sure you have the inner and outer resources you need to continue committing yourself to what you really want.  

How do I know if you're the right coach for me?

I am not the right coach for everyone, and not everyone is the right client for me. It's the same for any coach and prospective client. But there will be early hints. Are there elements in my background or experience that you value, whether because they're similar or dissimilar to your own? Does the language or even the imagery on my website appeal to you? (For better or for worse, I wrote every word and selected and placed every image myself.) Do you like my answers to the questions in this FAQ? Do the testimonials reassure you? If not, you already have your answer. If you're intrigued and interested in learning more, I offer a complimentary introductory call to meet and see if we're a good match for each other. (Other coaches might call it a "chemistry call" or a "discovery call.") If things don't work out, know that there is a coach out there for everyone and I'm happy to refer you to other coaches in my network who might be a better fit.

Diane Ackerman

"Flora or fauna, we are all shapeshifters and magical reinventors. Life is really a plural noun, a caravan of selves."

A custom process, designed with you, to gather and synthesize valuable perspectives from key stakeholders to support your success as a leader.

Additional Services

An intensive "mental fitness" program for individuals, small groups, or teams, designed to build powerful, sustainable habits that rewire your brain for greater performance, stronger relationships, and well-being. Take this test to discover your Saboteurs. Read more here.

You are not just one person. You contain a multitude of "characters," each with its own rules for how to live your life. You can't change who these characters are. But if you get to know them, they often hold the keys to the breakthroughs you're looking for.

"Kathy’s cohort for Positive Intelligence was brought into my life at a point where divine timing & my willingness to do 'the work' danced in harmony.

I’d been working independently on shadow work, my inner critic, negative self talk, and trying to get to the root cause to help myself understand, heal and transform and was met with resistance and self-sabotage over and over.

Through Kathy’s compassionate and warm guidance, in our confidential pod we shared vulnerabilities and held sacred space for one another as we explored assignments that were simple in action with profound insight and impact.

I learned how to recognize and tame my inner saboteurs, not just in the work place, but in family, relationships with others and most of all, the relationship I have with myself. I learned to strengthen my Sage, where my authentic self is aligned with my mind, body & spirit, takes less energy to utilize and the end results/outcomes are in a win-win-win for all. I am human and healing isn’t linear; these teachings, much like a spiritual practice, require consistency to bear fruit.

The pod and Kathy held me accountable, exposed me to different ways of thinking, lenses to see through, and support when I got behind.

Kathy and this course are a blessing. Give yourself the gift of a calmer mind, higher vibration and self love."

— sadhna P.

"I had the great privilege and opportunity to work with Kathy doing a voice dialogue session. Immediately, I felt like I was in safe hands. I haven’t been able to access parts of myself so deeply, as I was able to do with Kathy. I was able to fully embody my parts to discover what truly lay beneath. During our session, I had many ah-ha moments that I’m looking forward to diving deeper into.

Kathy is incredibly talented at the work that she does. After our session, I felt more confident in myself, and I felt more at ease. The time we shared was incredibly valuable and I would recommend Kathy to anyone who is looking to gain access to more parts within themselves and to provide greater insight and compassion towards their inner world."

— Heather E.